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Although you might keep your house clean at all times by mopping and scrubbing it, floors don’t maintain their luster. On the contrary, time will make them look rather dull and this will decrease the whole aspect of your home. Our tile and grout cleaning Houston services can return the floor to its initial state by implementing special cleaning methods to get rid of the dullness.

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Why Should You Choose our Tile and Grout Cleaning Services?

Mopping and scrubbing your floor may get rid of the dirt that accumulates at the very surface, but it doesn’t eliminate the main problem. Basically, the dirt that comes in contact with the grout will make it look bad as time goes by. Grout absorbs the debris and dirt on it, which is what causes it to look that way in the first place. If you’re tired of your floors looking so badly, our tile and grout cleaning Houston services will be able to help.

You may be tempted to stay on your knees and scrub the floors yourself, but this might not help too much. Not only that the cleaning process will not be as effective, but you’ll also end up with knee and back pain. So, let a team of professionals do it.

Our team of experienced technicians will take this task seriously by cleaning the grout of anything that ruins its aspect. That being said, you can say goodbye to any oils, grime, dirt or stains that have been giving you headaches in your attempts to eliminate them.

We use 7 steps in cleaning tile and grout they are:

  • Pre-Inspection
  • Moving of All the Furniture (from the cleaning area)
  • Sweeping/Pre-Vacuuming
  • Pre-Spray by Sections
  • Brushing the Grout Lines And Tile
  • Turbo Wash
  • Mopping the Floors

Note: The ceramic tile in showers will require an additional restoration process, which is more intensive and time consuming than regular tile and grout cleaning process. We specialize in tile and grout cleaning and restoration, free estimates are given upon inspection.

  • Ceramic Tile Cleaning
  • Porcelain Tile Cleaning
  • Travertine Cleaning
  • Natural Stone Cleaning
  • Marble Cleaning
  • Granite Cleaning
  • Limestone Cleaning
  • Slate Cleaning
Each of the different types of stone and tile may require addition steps to strip, clean and, or polish, which could result in using additional products or chemicals to complete the process. This will be determined upon inspection.


Moreover, we will take one extra step to make sure the luster will last for years to come – sealing. The process is often forgotten by many other companies, but we’ll make sure to offer you this service.

Grout restoration and grout recoloring (color sealing) are two other optional services that may be of use in your house.

Aside from this, an additional service you may use is regrout. When existing grout is too worn out, it can be removed and replaced with a new one to make your floors and walls look as amazing as they used to.

How Often Should My Tiles and Grout Be Cleaned?

Well, there is no specific answer to this question. It all comes down to many factors. For example, some things to consider are whether you own pets or have children, the area is of high traffic, whether there is sealant or not and many others.

That being said, an area that is more circulated and has no rug might need to be cleaned more often compared to an area on the opposite side of the spectrum. On average, though, tile and grout cleaning is performed once every 1 to 3 years.

In case you live in Houston & surround areas (Conroe, Cypress, Magnolia, Montgomery, Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball and over areas) and you notice your tiles and grout could use some cleaning, please contact out ProGeneralService tile and grout cleaning Houston service. Don’t struggle using a toothbrush while sitting on your knees for hours. The experts working for us do an amazing job at cleaning, sealing or adding new grout whenever deemed necessary.

Moreover, our professionals have enough experience in the domain to know what they’re dealing with, so there’s no need to be afraid that they won’t do a good job. Besides, we have a good price to quality ratio and are more than happy to come to your aid.


With ProGeneralService, you know you’re getting the best tile & grout cleaning services backed 100%-satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with the results of your ProGeneralService residential cleaning services, we’ll quickly take the following steps to fix it:

  • RE-CLEAN to your satisfaction
  • REFUND what you paid for the service if you’re still not satisfied after we’ve re-cleaned
  • REPAIR any damage due to our work, at our expense
Satisfaction Guarantee
Stop stressing yourself with the ineffective toothbrush and grout cleaner method – contact us, and you will have one less tile cleaning issue to worry about.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

If you are looking for tile and grout cleaning, air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning or water damage cleanup (for either residential or commercial), in Houston, you have come to the right place.

We will provide you with outstanding customer service and superior work. Please contact us today to receive highly competitive, no obligation quotation.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

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