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Professional Odor Removal Services in Houston

If you have guests coming over, the last thing you want is having the “What’s that smell?” question rolling out of their mouth. If your house has had issues and you need professional odor removal services, we’re the people you need. Our team specialized in safe odor treatment and will permanently restore your home’s air to its former “glory”, making sure you inhale fresh air instead of an unpleasant scent. That being said, you can leave the situation in our hands.

What Do We Offer?

Ever since our odor expert team has been established, it was in our goal to help everyone who’s dealing with a bad odor situation at home. Basically, all you have to do at first is call us. We will talk to you in order to get the details about the problem, and then some professionals will come and inspect your house. Once they analyze the situation, they will estimate the price, and if everything is ok with you, they will proceed with the operation to make your house breathable again.

Moreover, you should know that we use friendly products, such as animal odor neutralizers, green products, steam cleaning, and ozone machines to remove odors. We want to ensure that you live in a good-smelling environment and protect nature in the process.

Eager to Help at Any Time

Even if you try to live with that annoying odor, at one point, you’ll get tired of how bad it is, and you’ll need immediate help to eliminate it. Luckily, our odor removers home services are available any time – so, we are reachable whenever there’s a problem.

Therefore, we’ll be able to deal with smoke odor removal, mold odor removal, cigarette smoke removal from house, and many more.

Odor removal car services are not out of the question either – if your car smells bad, for whatever reason, we will make sure it will be eliminated. After all, you need to pay attention to the road, not concentrate on how unpleasant the smell is.

What are the Benefits of Hiring Our Odor Treatment Service

By hiring our professional odor removal service, you will have various advantages such as:

  • Having experts deal with a delicate situation
  • The use of professional and safe products to solve the issue
  • We are available to solve your problem at any time
  • We’ll fix the issue as fast as we can
  • We use advanced technology to apply the treatment
  • We are effective at removing mold, smoke and pet odors.

Common Questions

We’re happy to provide you with a free, firm, upfront odor removal services quote before we begin any work.

To request your free quote, simply give us a call or fill out the form.
We respond quickly and do our best to provide you with an estimate of the cost as soon as possible.

Most deodorizers use a fragrance formulation to counteract odors combined with fragrances to help cover them up. The fragrances used in deodorization will normally leave some residue in the air and on surfaces. Some people find these fumes unpleasant, while those who are highly sensitive may have a reaction. Ozone, on the other hand, is designed to oxidize odors at their source. It usually dissipates less than an hour, leaving the air smelling fresh, with no residue. In fact, it will even eliminate the heavy smell that can linger from a deodorizer.

Air filters trap particles that are floating in the air onto a membrane as they are drawn into the filter. They normally do not have an impact on odors, but in some cases, certain gases can be trapped as well. An odor molecule must get passed through the membrane in order to be captured, so filters are unable to affect the source of the odors. Ozone generators on the other hand, send out O3 into the treatment area to oxidize and remove odors at their source.

Our cleaning services offer EPA-approved solutions, environmentally friendly products and methods to help you live a healthy life in your own home.

We accept almost every credit card. We also accept check, cash, PayPal and financing options available to our customers.
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