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Water Damage Restoration

ProGeneralService Water Damage Restoration

Swift Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration: Restoring Peace of Mind

Welcome to ProGeneralService expert Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration services, designed to alleviate the stress of water-related emergencies.

We specialize in flood damage repair, mold removal, sewage backup cleanup, and drying services 24/7. Our meticulous process removes water, repairs damage, and restores your home to its pre-water incident state. All work guaranteed.

With our rapid response, advanced techniques, and unwavering dedication, we are here to restore your property and your peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule your water damage cleanup and restoration and witness the incredible transformation.

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Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration services


Experience the efficiency and expertise of ProGeneralService Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration services, tailored to address unexpected water-related emergencies. Whether from flooding, leaks, or other sources, our team is here to swiftly respond and restore your property, ensuring minimal disruption to your life.

Imagine a team that arrives promptly to assess the situation, extract water, and implement thorough drying and restoration procedures. With our advanced equipment and proven techniques, we not only repair the visible damage but also ensure that your environment is safe, clean, and comfortable once again.

ProGeneralService expert Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration
Swift Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration

The Typical Timeline of Water Damage:

Immediate threats:

  • Water spreads throughout your home and property, soaking everything in its wake.
  • Belongings are saturated: clothing, carpeting, furniture, personal items.
  • Paint and finishes on furniture and flooring are ruined.
  • Hardwood swells and warps.
  • Vinyl tile lifts and warps.
  • Paper items such as books and photographs can be damaged or destroyed.

Within one day:

  • Drywall integrity is compromised.
  • Metal surfaces pit, stain and tarnish.
  • Wooden floors, furniture, and trim begin to swell and crack.
  • Mold begins to grow.
  • A distinct musty odor sets in.

Day one to day 7:

  • Mold continues to grow and spread.
  • Doors and windows will not close as they are swollen full of water.
  • Rust and corrosion start to spread on metal surfaces.
  • Paint blisters and peels from the walls.
  • Wooden chairs and tables warp and develop mold.
  • Floors and trim crack and break irreversibly.
  • Mold and mildew can impact the health of your family and pets.

After one week:

  • Many household items, furniture, and features are beyond repair or restoration.
  • The cost of repairing what can be fixed rises dramatically.
  • The time it will take to repair the damage will increase.
  • The entire structure may be compromised.
  • Mold and bacterial growth become a serious biohazard.
  • You will not be able to live in your own home anymore.

Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration in Houston 24/7

Sometimes, houses are subjected to receiving water damage. It’s either because some pipes are broken, appliances are malfunctioning, or there was flooding. Any of these aspects, as well as many other factors, can have a serious impact on your house.

The effects of water damage can go quickly from bad to irretrievable. Fast mitigation is the key to stop further damage.

Within minutes water can spread to many areas of your house. After a few hours microorganisms start to grow. Within days severe complications and damages could occur.

The bottom line, water damage that was not treated immediately can resulting in disruptive and costly repairs. Fast mitigation prevents expensive repairs, eliminates water damage and lowers restoration costs.

Water penetration can cause electrical hazards, damage to building structure and lead to the growth of harmful mold. Our team of certified restoration professionals has the experience and knowledge on how to move from disaster to mitigation stage. Our team of experts will remove any excess moisture and enhance drying process.

The ProGeneralService Restoration Process

Our step-by-step approach to water damage restoration ensures a thorough and effective recovery.

  1. Assessment and Planning

    • We begin with a detailed assessment of the extent of the damage. This assessment guides our restoration plan, allowing us to address both visible and hidden effects of water damage.
  2. Water Extraction and Drying

    • Using powerful equipment, we extract water from affected areas, ensuring that your property is thoroughly dried to prevent secondary damage.
  3. Structural Repair and Restoration

    • Our skilled technicians repair and restore damaged structures, from walls and flooring to ceilings and fixtures. We focus on both aesthetics and functionality to ensure a complete recovery.

The Benefits of Professional Water Damage Restoration

Choosing professional restoration services after water damage provides numerous advantages for both your property and peace of mind.

Preventing Further Damage

Prompt restoration prevents additional deterioration and structural issues that can result from prolonged exposure to water.

Mold Prevention

PEffective water removal and drying minimize the risk of mold and mildew growth, safeguarding your indoor air quality and overall health.

Efficient Recovery

Our experienced team works efficiently to restore your property, minimizing disruption to your daily life and helping you return to normalcy sooner.

Restoring Comfort and Convenience with ProGeneralService

In the face of water damage, let ProGeneralService be your partner in restoring your space and your peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward a comprehensive water damage cleanup and restoration.

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Common Questions

  • How bad is water damage to a house?

    The effects of water damage can be severe and can go unnoticed until it’s too late. It can trigger gradual structural deterioration and mold growth, which in turn can cause health concerns.

  • What should I do after a flood, or sewage or water leak?

    • Turn off water supply to your house;
    • Disconnect electrical appliances in the affected rooms;
    • Move furniture or other perishable possessions from the affected area;
    • Take photos and videos during the different stages for insurance claim purposes;
    • Call a water damage restoration specialist.
  • Will mold remediation disrupt my daily routine?

    We make every effort to minimize disruption. Our efficient methods ensure a swift process with minimal inconvenience.

  • How quickly should I seek water damage cleanup and restoration after an incident?

    The sooner, the better. Prompt action minimizes damage and prevents further issues like mold growth. Contact us immediately for assistance.

  • How quickly should I address mold growth?

    Swift action is essential. Mold can spread rapidly and cause further damage. Contact us as soon as you suspect mold growth.

  • What equipment do you use for water extraction and structural drying?

    We use specialized equipment such as water extractors, dehumidifiers, and air movers to efficiently remove water and dry structures.

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