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We have found that it is best to take each individual request separate, in the past we have discovered that everyone’s home is different, whether we are cleaning tile and grout, steaming cleaning your carpets or cleaning you’re a/c ducts or dryer vents!


Even though we give senior discounts, active military discounts and discounts for our first responders, it is best for us to come to your home or business and give an accurate quote for the scope of cleaning that needs to be completed for your comfort. At this time we can inspect the floor and measure the square footage of tile or size of rooms for carpets cleaning or the amount of air ducts that you have to be cleaned, so that we can properly educate you on the process that we use and what is best for your cleaning needs so that there is not any damage to your home and so that you can maintain the proper care after we have completed our service for you!

When we arrive to provide a “Free Quote”, we will go over step by step of the process we will be performing, this way you will understand what we will be doing with the latest equipment and techniques to bring your home or office back to “tip top shape”!

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