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 Air Duct Cleaning Scam

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It’s difficult to say that all “$99 Air Duct Cleaning” offers are scams, as some companies may offer legitimate services at that price. However, in many cases, these low-priced offers can be used by fraudulent companies to get their foot in the door and then upsell consumers on poor quality or additional, unnecessary services.

ads offering air duct cleaning for only $99

You may have ever seen an advertisement for “$99 Air Duct Cleaning” in your mailbox, online, or on TV, you might have been tempted to take advantage of this seemingly great deal. After all, who doesn’t want to improve their indoor air quality and save money at the same time?

However, before you pick up the phone and schedule an appointment, you should know that this offer is too good to be true. In fact, it is a scam that has been plaguing homeowners across the country for years.

In this article, we will expose the truth behind the “$99 Air Duct Cleaning” scam, how it works, what are the consequences, and how you can avoid it. We will also provide you with some better alternatives for your air duct system cleaning needs and choices.

How the Scam 99 Air Duct Cleaning Works

The “$99 Air Duct Cleaning Near Me” scam works in a simple but effective way. A common air vents cleaning scam technique called “bait and switch” lures customers in with seemingly great low pricing only to reveal numerous hidden fees and upsells once work commences. Here are the basic steps of how the scammers operate:

Be especially wary of any service advertised at $99 or less.
  1. Scammers advertise “$99 Air Duct Cleaning” offers via flyers, coupons, online ads, TV commercials, telemarketing calls. They use slogans, logos, testimonials to attract attention, convey legitimacy and reputation. May use name of well-known or local company to build trust.
  2. Customer calls. Scammer confirms offer, schedules appointment. Asks questions about home size, age, number of vents. Requests personal information like name, address, credit card. Says need small deposit/fee to secure appointment – actually to get payment information and charge more later.
  3. On appointment day, crew arrives wearing uniforms with company name/logo. May or may not have ID/credentials, equipment, tools. May or may not be licensed, insured, certified. May or may not be affiliated with the company called. May or may not be same people talked to originally.
  4. Crew ductwork inspects, shows pictures of supposed mold, dust, debris. Uses device producing smoke/dust to make ducts appear dirty. Warns of health risks if not cleaned – allergies, asthma, infections, cancer. States ducts have rodents, insects, other pests. Also damaged, leaking, corroded.
  5. Says $99 air duct cleaning offer only covers inspection or 1-2 vents. Full air duct cleaning costs hundreds/thousands more. Tries to sell other services/products too – sanitizers, deodorizers, filters, UV lights. Pressures customer, uses scare tactics, false promises. Says one-time offer, limited availability, special discount. Requests cash/check or charges card without consent. If customer agrees, crew does quick, shoddy “air duct cleaning” – may do nothing or only few vents. Uses improper/harmful methods. Damages furnace, ducts, walls. Leaves mess and smell.
  6. Presents bill much higher than agreed to. Adds unspecified charges, fees, taxes. Charges for unrequested/undelivered services/products. Refuses receipt, warranty, satisfaction guarantee. Only takes cash/check or already charged card.
  7. Customer realizes scammed when technicians leave. Company ignores calls or gives runaround. Changes phone, name, location. Threatens legal action/harassment if dispute charges or report. Customer feels angry, frustrated, helpless about falling for scam.

This is how the 99 Air Duct Cleaning scam works. It is a simple but effective way to exploit unsuspecting homeowners and deliver poor service. It is a scam that you should avoid at all costs.

If you've seen ads offering air duct cleaning for only $99, you may be tempted by the seemingly great deal.

The Consequences of the 99 Cleaning Scam

The “$99 Air Duct Cleaning” scam is not only a dishonest and unethical practice, but also a harmful and dangerous one. It has many negative consequences for the homeowners who fall victim to it, such as:

  • Wasted money. The scammers charge you much more than what they initially advertised, and much more than what the service is worth. They also charge you for unnecessary or ineffective services and products, or for services and products that you did not receive. They may also overcharge your credit card or cash your check without your authorization. You end up paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a poor or nonexistent service.
  • Damaged ducts. The scammers do a shoddy and rushed job, leaving your ducts in worse shape than before. They may use improper or harmful methods, such as vacuuming, brushing, or spraying, that can damage your ducts, your furnace, or your walls. They may also leave behind dirt, debris, or moisture that can cause mold, corrosion, or leakage. They may also install unnecessary or defective products, such as air purifier, filters, UV lights, or sanitizers, that can clog, break, or malfunction. They may also perform unauthorized or substandard work on other parts of your home, such as insulation, roofing, or siding, that can compromise your home’s structure, safety, or efficiency.
  • Health risks. The scammers claim that they can improve your indoor air quality and health, but they actually do the opposite. They may introduce contaminants, allergens, or pathogens into your ducts, such as dust, mold, bacteria, or viruses. They may also use chemicals or substances that can irritate your eyes, nose, throat, or lungs, such as sanitizers, deodorizers, or pesticides. They may also create fire or electrical hazards that can endanger your life or property, such as sparks, flames, or shocks. They may also expose you or your family to identity theft, fraud, or violence, by stealing your personal or financial information, or by threatening or harming you.
  • Emotional distress. The scammers cause you a lot of stress, frustration, and anger, by lying to you, cheating you, and ignoring you. They may also make you feel guilty, scared, or helpless, by using scare tactics, guilt trips, or false promises. They may also make you lose trust, confidence, or satisfaction, by ruining your air ducts, your home, or your health. They may also make you regret, blame, or doubt yourself, by making you wonder how you could have fallen for such a scam.
angry reviews with low star counts

How to Avoid the Scam. What advice can we give?

Tips for Finding Trustworthy and Reputable Company:

Research before hiring

Before choosing any professional air duct cleaning companies, take the time to research and verify their credentials. Thoroughly vet them first for liability insurance, credentials, reviews and evidence of past quality work. This will help you ensure that you are hiring reputable professionals.

Ask for recommendations

Seek recommendations from trusted sources such as friends, family, or neighbors who have recently had their air ducts cleaned. Their experiences and feedback can guide you towards reliable professionals.

Read company’s reviews and testimonials

Check online reviews and testimonials from past clients to get an idea of the quality of hvac cleaning service provided by the professionals you are considering. Look for consistently positive feedback and avoid those with a history of complaints.

Be wary of low-cost services

While affordability is important, be cautious of heavily discounted services without a proper explanation. Expect to pay a fair air duct cleaning price for quality ac duct cleaning services based on the scope of work needed. A professional air duct cleaning can vary in price depending on factors like the size of your home and the extent of the cleaning needed. However, legitimate and thorough cleanings typically range anywhere from $250 to $1,000 on average cost, and more in some cases. Anything advertised as $99 or less is likely a scam. Don’t let a cheap price tag convince you to hire any air ducts cleaning company. Don’t be naive – free cheese comes only in a mousetrap!

$99 Air Duct Cleaning Near Me Deals
Simple arithmetic:

The duration of a quality ductwork cleaning of a typical average 1800-3000 sq. ft. home, with two technicians working simultaneously, takes an average of 3 to 6 hours, depending on the number of supply and return ducts, the degree of contamination, and the design features of the ductwork and HVAC system.

  • Calculate how much a company should pay one technician for 3 to 6 hours of work. Multiply by 2 (technicians);
  • add transportation costs (gas, amortization);
  • add consumables here (sanitizing, anti-mold solution, deodorant, gloves, protective masks);
  • add the amortization deductions for the equipment;
  • add payroll taxes;
  • add the cost of insurance and certificates;
  • add the cost of advertising;
  • add the organizational costs of the company.

How much did you end up with? Close to $99?!

Ask for a detailed estimate

Request a written estimate from the professionals before agreeing to any services. This should outline the scope of work, associated costs, and any additional charges that may apply. A transparent estimate will help you make informed decisions.

Trust your instincts

If something feels too good to be true or if you sense red flags during the initial communication with a service provider, trust your instincts. Choose professionals who give you confidence in their expertise and professionalism. 

Watch out for red flags:

Be alert and observant when the air duct cleaners arrive at your home. Watch out for any signs of dishonesty, unprofessionalism, or incompetence, such as:

  • They arrive late, unannounced, or without an appointment.
  • They do not have any identification, credentials, or equipment.
  • They do not inspect your ductwork before they start working.
  • They show you fake or misleading pictures of your ducts or other parts of your home.
  • They claim to find mold, pests, or other problems in your ducts that require immediate action.
  • They pressure you to buy additional services or products that you do not need or want.
  • They do not clean your entire duct system, or they do a poor or incomplete job.
  • They damage your ducts, your furnace, or your walls during the cleaning process.
  • They charge you more than what you agreed to, or they add hidden fees or taxes to your bill.
  • They do not give you a receipt, a warranty, or a satisfaction guarantee.

By following these tips, you can protect yourself from falling victim to scams and ensure that you hire trustworthy and reliable professionals for your air duct cleaning needs. This will help you maintain a clean and efficient HVAC system, promoting better indoor air quality and overall comfort in your home or business premises.

In keeping with National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) standards, ProGeneralService is committed to providing our customers with quality and reliable air duct cleaning services.  We never use high-pressure sales tactics or scare tactics, and our certified technicians use only the best equipment to ensure a thorough and effective cleaning. This is why we are speaking out against the prevalent issue of the “$99 Air Duct Cleaning Scam.”

Our company offers a Free Quote in your home. Unlike many companies, our technicians will honestly tell you whether your home’s ductwork needs cleaning. We’ll thoroughly inspect your ductwork and HVAC system and give you a Free Estimate.

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