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Time for Seasonal Air Ducts Cleaning

air duct cleaning in Magnolia, TX

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It’s almost summer time, and the HVAC system at your home or office needs your attention if you want to survive the humid Houston summer.

As residents of Houston and surrounding regions, we all know from experience that high-functioning heating and cooling systems are vital for keeping our homes, offices, schools or factories cool during sweltering summer weather. Proper air duct cleaning has to be conducted to ensure that it’s functioning at full capacity.

At ProGeneralService, we know the great importance of air duct cleaning for maintaining clean air in your home or business facilities today. We also know that air ducts are one of the major components of any HVAC system. We are ready to professionally clean your air ducts and service them as needed to keep all your interior home rooms and work spaces healthy, comfortable and inviting during every season of the year.

Major Reasons for Hiring the Pros to Cleaning Home or Commercial Air Ducts

We all realize that the main reason for scheduling professional air duct cleaning for your home or commercial interiors is to keep your ducts free of dust, dirt and debris. Whether your home or business is in a congested urban area or a smaller suburb or town, your air ducts will accumulate dust and debris from the surrounding environment. Without regular cleaning, these ducts can become clogged and unable to function to keep fresh air flowing.

More reasons to call on professionals to clean your air ducts include the following:

  • Removing bacteria, pet dander, pollen, lint, mold and mildew from your home or work environment;
  • Clearing the air of allergens, smoke or other pollutants (This is especially important if you have smokers or anyone with asthma, other respiratory problems or autoimmune disorders in your home or office.);
  • Ridding a new home or office of any contaminants or germs before you move in;
  • Clearing dust from the air after home or commercial space renovations;
  • Removing air contaminants after a home or business flood, major water leak or fire;
  • Improving the overall effectiveness of your HVAC system for significant reductions in your energy costs;
  • Enhancing overall indoor air quality (IAQ) for a healthier home or work environment.

We advise our clients to follow the expert advice of the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) by having air ducts cleaned at least once 4-5 years. If you are located in an industrial area where pollutants and contaminants are generally circulated in the air, it is best to schedule more frequent visits from your pro duct cleaners.

We use highly effective equipment for expert duct cleaning with electronic agitation brushes and air skippers operated by a powerful air compressor, as needed. If necessary, we will also install the UV Light Air Purifiers unit inside your HVAC system, or we may just sanitize your entire ductwork if advisable for keeping your air quality clean and safe.

ProGeneralService Ensures Clean Air Ducts for Healthy IAQ and Lower Energy Bills

Contact the experts at ProGeneralService located in Magnolia, TX, for top-rated cleaning of your ac ducts in your home or commercial space. We offer free estimates for your air duct cleaning needs. Call us for the most reasonable rates that are currently available for thorough professional HVAC maintenance services in the greater Houston area.

You can contact a member of our friendly and well-informed team today by phone, by email or on our company website at ProGeneralService.com. Clients who order air duct cleaning on our website will receive discounted prices for our experienced, professional services.

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