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COVID-19 coronavirus

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Coronavirus is a new serious threat to the economy and people’s lives. One effective protection measure is disinfection.

A previously unknown COVID-19 coronavirus (alias nCoV-2019/SARS-CoV-2) was discovered in late 2019 due to an outbreak of pneumonia with an unknown origin in China. There is currently no vaccine for COVID-19, nor are there any special drugs for virus protection or treatment.

While a vaccine is being developed, the only available method of prevention remains protective measures. They are relevant not only to coronavirus but also to influenza and SARS epidemics. One such measure is DEEP CLEANING (coronavirus disinfection). Additional Coronavirus prevention and protection can be found at the Centers For Diesis Control & Prevention (CDC)

Due to the epidemic of COVID-19, preventive disinfection treatment needs to be carried out by organizations and enterprises, especially those engaged in trade, catering, and transportation. The prophylactic disinfection of the coronavirus makes it possible to control the spread of the disease and prevent new infections.

preventive COVID-19 disinfection treatment

According to currently available WHO (World Health Organization) data, in the open environment (off-body) the coronavirus can live for several hours to several days. The disinfection of spaces and surfaces makes it possible to destroy the infectious agents before they get into anyone’s system.
disinfection of spaces and surfaces

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